Technical Production Staff 2020

Anthony Brumpton

Carly O'Neill

Tessa Rixon

Technical Production Lecturer

Technical Production Study Area Coordinator

Technical Production Lecturer

Technical Production Secondment Companies 2020

Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Immersive Ensemble, Circa, Emma Dean, Katherine Lyall-Watson, Lang Ling Creative Workshop, School of Rock

The Technical Production Graduates of 2020 would like to thank the following people for their support

Dan Black, Brisbane Festival, Anthony Brumpton, Kieran Cerato, Circa, Harley Coustley, Creative Generation, Charlotte Crosby, Sophia Dalton, Emma Dean, Andrew Earle, Thomas Edmiston, Lauren Edwards, Dan Evans, Helen Fitchett, Samantha French, Tim Goode, Eloise Grace, Frances Hannaway, Justin Harrison, Jamie Henson, Rosa Hirakata, Ben Hughes, Glenn Hughes, Katie Hurst, Shari Indriani, Danielle Kellie, Kathryn Kelly, Scott Klupfel, Nathaniel Knight, George Kulikovskis, Lang Ling Creative Workshop, Jen Livingstone, Jenny Lovell, Katherine Lyall Watson, Ben Lynskey, Justin Marshman, Amy McKenzie, Sophie McKeown, Imogen Millhouse, James Millis, Raymond Milner, Andrea Moor, Louise Morris, David Morton, Jonathan O'Brien, Carly O'Neill, Nigel Oram, Sam Ould, Nicholas Paine, Warrick Phillips, Shane Pike, Aimee Pouzet, Makayla Purdy, Jason Raft, Rebecca Rees, Ian Rendell, Michael Richardson, Tessa Rixon, James Rixon, Jodie Roche-Jones, Alison Ross, School of Rock, Annette Silva, Tim Snartt, Jill Stanfield, Helen Stevenson, Madeline Taylor, Liesel Thompson, Lilith Tremmery, Rhys Tyack, Jeff Warnick, Craig Wilkinson, Sarah Winter, Family and Friends

QUT Technical Production would like to thank Jason Raft, Tim Goode, Frances Hannaway, and the team at JLX Productions and Iceworks Design for their continued support and guidance during the development of Standing By 2020.


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